Reading and pondering the book of Psalms can bring students nearer to God and help them feel His love. Psalms has been a source of inspiration for worship since ancient times and continues to be cherished for worship and study.

As a collection of poetic hymns, stories and praises, the book of Psalms can resonate with Christians as they consider the ways they worship the Lord, plead for His deliverance, and thank Him for His help. The stories shared in these passages can give us great insight on how God wants us to live out our lives. It teaches us how to be the best version of ourselves, and to trust in God when we need Him the most.

Psalm 20:7

David said in this verse, “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” In Bible times, horses and chariots struck fear in the hearts of military men. They symbolized strength and power. Yet, the strength of men can never compare to the strength the Lord our God gives in difficult times. In the book of Psalms, David cried out to God over and over during his difficult times and God answered his cries. From this story, you can learn to trust God in the difficult times too. He is hearing your calls and answering like He did for David. Put your trust in His power.

Psalm 1:3

This chapter says "He is like a tree, planted by streams of water, that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither. In all that he does, he prospers." The person that is blessed by God is like a tree. The Book of Psalms uses analogies throughout to teach us of God's promises. When we are walking with the Lord, we are fruitful no matter what is happening around us. We live and thrive in the worst of circumstances. We will continue to grow, as a tree does.

Psalm 40:2

In this story, David was stuck in a pit. He wrote, “He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog.” David fell into a pit of despair, but the Lord delivered Him. Nothing David faced was just for his own benefit. It was also for the benefit of others. Due to the faith of David, many trust in the Lord. When you come through a dark season and others where others have watched you cry out to the Lord, wait patiently on God, be lifted out of the pit and they see you singing a new song – they can’t help but to see the great God that we serve and relate to the struggles you have faced. They too can remember that God is there to pull them out of their dark hole. Remember to be a beacon of light for others so that they can see God.

Psalm 29:3-9

This passage tells us about the power of God in nature: "The voice of the Lord is over the waters; The God of glory thunders; The Lord is over many waters. The voice of the Lord is powerful; The voice of the Lord is full of majesty. The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars, Yes, the Lord splinters the cedars of Lebanon. He makes them also skip like a calf, Lebanon and Sirion like a young wild ox. The voice of the Lord divides the flames of fire. The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness; The Lord shakes the Wilderness of Kadesh. The voice of the Lord makes the deer give birth, And strips the forests bare; And in His temple everyone says, 'Glory!'”

Through the centuries, people have responded to God in the beauties of nature. The string glory of a sunset, the delicacy of a rose, or the life found in a crystal brook leave many in awe of God's power. What should we think about the brutal force of hurricane winds or tornadoes? Timid souls run and hide from God's power. Those with the courage of the psalmist watch and marvel that such a powerful God hears our prayers and rejoices in our praise and can reign over earth with such force.

Psalm 139:23-24

This Bible passage says "Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!" When we look into our hearts, we often find many conflicting emotions. We want to have God's presence woven into the fabric of our lives, but we are still full of selfishness. We are not perfect. It is one thing to take a close look at ourselves, but is another to surrender to God's investigation. When we ask God to gaze into our inner most thoughts, do we like what He will see? God will deliver us from that which is unholy and unworthy. With this passage we learn that God is the truth path of righteousness.

Pull up a chair and turn off the noise around you. Open to the Psalms and read through the beautiful poetry in each page, noting the important lessons you can take from it. You'll be able to utilize these in your day to day life and become a better Christian because of it.

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