Unfortunately, we live in a broken society filled with division. So many people struggle to see past different views and opinions that it’s tearing us apart. As Christians, the Bible tells us that we’ll be known by our fruit. By fruit, it means the fruits of the Spirit, as listed in Galatians 5:22-23: joy, love, peace, kindness, patience, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.

These are the traits that we have and show to people that we live in God’s way. The way we live and the fruits of the Spirit can speak volumes to the people around us. So, how can we live out the fruits of the Spirit in our everyday lives?


There are numerous ways we express and experience our joy. We can share our joy in the Lord with others by sharing what He’s done for us, exhibiting in our behaviors and lives that we depend on Him in every circumstance. There’s no need to complain or sulk because we persevere with joy in our hearts. We can also show joy in our lives by recognizing others’ needs and helping them. You could buy groceries for a single mom, help someone move, or fix a meal for a homeless person. We should be happy to pray for others in their time of need. Praying for someone is one of the most loving things we can do for others.


These days, people need love more than ever. So many people are going through so many things that feel unheard, unseen, and unloved. This can be anything from struggling with finances to being homeless to going through a divorce. Let someone know that you love them. Life is short, and tomorrow isn’t promised to any of us. If you love someone, let them know and tell them why. Hugs are another great way to show someone you love them and have numerous health benefits, including improved immunity, sleep, better heart health, reduced pain symptoms, and more. Try to hug for five to 10 seconds to get the ultimate benefit.


We can show that we live peacefully by not arguing with others. Instead, we should state our piece considerately. We can also show others we live in peace by trusting God in everything and not letting ourselves get riled up over things. There will be times when we get frustrated or worry; we’re human. As long as we remind ourselves to trust God with the problem and pray about it, our peace will remain firm.


People need a lot of kindness these days, and there are many ways we can show kindness in our lives. For example, you could smile at someone. You never know what a smile can do; it might make someone’s day. You could also compliment someone, whether it’s their outfit, hairstyle, how they do their job, or something else. If traffic is down to one lane and people are trying to merge, let them in. They may not have seen the sign to merge until they got to it. You could also leave snacks and water bottles out for any delivery drivers. One of the most notable acts of kindness is starting a pay-it-forward chain in the drive-thru. You never know who you’ll help. You could be helping a single mom, a man on his commute who forgot his wallet, or a soccer mom who’s short on cash. There are millions of ways to show kindness to those around us.


We live in an instant gratification society where we want everything instantly. Sometimes, we exhibit this behavior with God, wanting Him to do “it” right now. However, we should have patience and wait on the Lord because His timing is best. Most people know this personally, as they’ve been waiting for God to do something for a long time. However, they’ve felt God say, “Be still and know that I’m God.” Therefore, they continue to pray, waiting for His timing. We can also live out this fruit by having patience with those around us. Instead of getting upset, have patience with the new coworker learning the job, your child, or the driver ahead of you.


Goodness can mean a lot of things, like uprightness and morality. In biblical terms, it means righteousness and holiness. Goodness also refers to how God protects and guides us. We can show goodness to others by thanking God for His goodness by protecting and guiding us. You could also wave at a neighbor or friend; it might make their day. You could also help someone load their groceries into their car or offer to help someone change their tire. If you have a specific skill, help someone with your gift. You might also offer to babysit for a single mom in the neighborhood so she can get some time to herself.


The Bible defines gentleness as showing respect and care for others in the way you act and speak, which is something else that people need desperately. We can show gentleness to others by being considerate of their needs and feelings. Take the time to listen to the people around you and find out how they feel and what they need. Show them you care by being an active listener. Show people you can relate to how they feel and what they’re going through. Remember the golden rule: treat others how you want to be treated. Even if you disagree with them, always show them respect and consideration.


You can show faithfulness to others in numerous ways. We can show this by having a steady faith in God and not allowing our practices and thoughts to follow the world. We can also show faithfulness by choosing to do what’s right and always obeying God’s rules. Another way to show faithfulness is to trust in God. Praying daily and reading our Bibles is another way to show faithfulness.


Self-control is one of the most essential fruits that we master and show others. It’s also one of the hardest. Still, there are many ways we need to control ourselves so that we live a godly life and be an example to others. For example, we should live our lives under God’s will and resist temptation. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to let our words loose and say what’s on our minds. However, we must control our tongues and words. It’s essential to keep our emotions in check so that we don’t hurt someone else or ourselves.

Living out the fruits of the Spirit is one of the best examples of Jesus we can set. Take some time to manifest the fruits of the Holy Spirit for those around you.

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