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As followers of Christianity, one of our biggest goals in life is to be a good Christian. We ask Angel of Lord, to guide us into the right direction and to help us make the right decisions. Christians strive to make Jesus Christ their center and build their life around worshiping him. However, no matter how many times you read the Bible or attend Sunday service, there is no definitive play-by-play that will provide you with instructions on how to be a better Christian. The only thing you can really do is ask your Angel of Lord to help you over the course of your journey and to pray that you’re doing justice to God. It’s important to listen and be receptive when they’re taking control or moving you in a different direction. Becoming a better Christian begins with you. Here are the first steps.

1. Read the Bible

The Bible is a Christian’s blueprint and official resource on any questions a Christian may have. One of the defining purposes for the Bible is to act as a foundation for help for those who need answers. If you’re struggling with comprehending the Bible, and the message behind the words, then sign up for a Bible study group. Participating in a Bible study can be a fun and enjoyable activity that will hold your attention and be a long term solution for any issues or concerns a Christian may have. Keeping the Bible a constant in your life will be a great way the Angel of Lord and the word of God will live on.

2. Pray

Prayer is the best way to communicate with Jesus Christ. Even though He knows what is within your mind, body and soul it’s important that prayer be an element that is carried out daily. Being a better Christian means having an intimate relationship with the Lord. You should communicate with God every day versus only when you’re experiencing a hardship in your life. You’ll discover a renewed sense of purpose when you’ve prayed to God and expressed to your Angel of Lord how you’re truly feeling. Furthermore, part of being a Christian is having a charity heart – which means you’re looking out for your brothers and sisters. You’ll find that through prayer will be your outlet to getting help delivered to those in need.

3. Praise the Lord

Christians should always look for ways to praise the Lord’s name. Let God live through your life by achieving goals and succeeding within the life you’ve been blessed with. God is great and His greatness should be flourished. However, because he sacrificed His own life so that we can live ours – we must be His voice and sing loud with praise. It’s important for Christians to understand that nothing can happen without their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Therefore, everything that happens is because of His actions. Don’t be afraid to sing out loud the blessings that embody our lives because of Jesus. It is shameful to be ashamed of someone so great that you cannot discuss.

4. Forgiveness

No matter how much we pray or call upon our Angel of Lord, there are going to times when we become angry and get upset. It’s normal. However, despite the normalcy that is associated with a disagreement it’s even more important to forgive each other. In the Bible and at church, Christians read scriptures and vow to live a life as their God. Though at the end of the day practicing what you preach can be somewhat difficult to swallow and carry out. If you want a closer relationship to God and to be a better Christian, you must be willing to put in the effort of forgiving yourself and others around you.

Do your best to not react to things with anger or malice. Look for ways you can be a better Christian and help the other one in the process. Ephesians 4:32 says, “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”

5. Rid Yourself of an Overwhelming Ego

When you’re in pain or feeling overwhelmed ask the Angel of Lord for help. Strive to never be arrogant. In the book of Peter, it says, “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time He may exalt you.” God is aware of your humble nature and knows when you’re bring arrogant. God never possessed an overpowering ego – He remained humble and allowed His faith to be bigger than Him. Never the other way around. It’s important to always keep God in your center.

6. Contribute to Society

Even though giving tithe to the church is your Christian duty, it’s important to also view the bigger picture of charity. If you’re in question of how to contribute to society, then call upon your Angel of Lord for guidance. Allow your angel to help you discover where you are needed. Ask yourself, how you can give back to your community – whether it be your time or energy. Look for ways you can spread the word of Jesus Christ through your actions versus your wallet. Is there a soup kitchen in your area that could use a helping hand? Perhaps there’s a child at a local YMCA that needs tutoring assistance? Or maybe a struggling single mother needs clothes to begin a career opportunity. As a Christian, it’s your job to contribute to society and look for ways you can insert yourself to do well.

Whenever you find yourself in desperate need of guidance on becoming a better Christian, turn non-other than to your Angel of Lord. You’ll find the answers that you’re desperately in search of and even a glimpse of a road map that could point you into the right direction. It’s important to always be willing to listen and be receptive to whatever Jesus Christ has in store for your journey in life.

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