"Christianity is irrelevant to modern life."

Christianity speaks to real life – work, finances, relationships, health, success, sex and more. The Bible provides principles that help with life issues any person may face. Beyond church services the ways to access this information is more abundant than ever including podcasts, blogs, videos, apps and more.

No group, institution or government does more for the social needs of people than the Church. The Salvation Army, YMCA, Compassion International, World Vision, Food for the Hungary - all these were founded, led and funded by members of the Church. Poverty alleviation, educating children, disaster relief and more are all being addressed by Christ followers in a stunning number of ways.

Of course, universal spiritual issues like the meaning of life, what happens when we die and purpose for living are all questions for which Christianity uniquely provides answers. The impact to Christianity in personal and societal ways around the world is simply undeniable. Millions and millions of transformed lives prove all these myths to be untrue.