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We usually hear the phrase “God is good” in sermons, songs, and is typically used as a response when both bad and good things happen in our lives. For example, when someone avoids tragedy due to a delayed flight or car trouble, they’ll say, “God is good.” Other examples are when good things happen to people, like circumstances aligning for them to replace their old car or buy a house when things looked bleak. In all these things, we say, “God is good.”

Still, what does it mean? According to the dictionary, “God” is “the being in perfect power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe.” However, isn’t God more than this? He’s good in so many ways, the way He guides us, provides for us and watches over us, but it goes deeper than that. God’s goodness is who He is, and we’re created in His image, so we share His goodness.

God’s goodness manifests in our lives every day. We typically don’t think of His goodness when something significant happens, but His goodness always abounds in the most minor things around us. Here are some examples of how God’s goodness manifests in our everyday lives.

He wakes us up.

Every day God wakes us up is an example of His goodness. When He wakes us up, it means we’re still working toward the gifts and purpose He has given us. It shows that He isn’t done with us yet, and we still have a mission to fulfill. We shouldn’t grumble and complain about getting out of bed and going to work. We should be happy that we’re still breathing and living for Him. Many people are worse off than us who need to see our light shining in the world daily.

He pours His favor onto us.

On the days when we’re surrounded by the most minor and most significant blessings, we know that God is pouring His favor onto us. This act can look like your boss calling you into their office to discuss a raise or promotion to your coworker bringing you your favorite coffee. We should pay attention to all the things in our lives, both big and small, that are a blessing to us. A lot of times, it’s the minor things that mean so much.

He protects us.

We’ve all heard about the person who had car issues and missed being in a considerable pile-up on the highway. What about cancer/disease detection that almost didn’t happen due to a missed meeting? These are the significant ways He protects us. Still, He works on the more minor things too. For example, the gossip that’s circulating that never reaches your ears or the coworker that’s trying to sabotage you, but your boss sees the honest hard work that you do. These are all ways God protects us daily.

He speaks to us through prayer.

Prayer is the most powerful connection to God. It’s how we express our gratitude, intercede for others, and make our petitions known. Sometimes, we get an answer of “yes,” “no,” and “wait.” Sometimes, He gives us specific directions, and sometimes He’s silent. Other times, He speaks to us, answering our prayers in the most surprising ways. No matter what, God always answers, and we should look for His answers every day. He will usually nudge our hearts in significant and minor issues, drawing our attention in the right direction.

He guides us.

We make thousands of little decisions daily, from deciding whether we’ll do our job well or whether we should take a specific client. Sometimes, we must decide whether an opportunity is right for us and if we should follow a specific path. In these moments, God guides us. We should stop, breathe, and pay attention. How do we feel in our hearts? How does our gut feel? We must be still and still to the inner voice we know. Listen to Him whispering to our hearts about the right choices for us. It would be best to pay attention to the signs He sends us. This is God’s way of guiding and nudging us to our best selves so we can live in the gifts we’ve been given and His purpose for us.

A prayer to thank God for His goodness.

Dear God,

Thank You for allowing me to wake up each morning. Please help me slow down during my busy life. Let me see Your goodness every day, whether big or small. Thank You for Your guidance and protection. Please help me acknowledge Your blessings as soon as they’re poured upon me. Help me listen carefully and discern Your voice speaking to my heart in response to my prayers. Delight in my happiness when You say “yes,” help me understand why You say “no,” and give me the wisdom and patience I need when You say “wait.” Please help me walk in alignment with Your goodness and let it shine into the world for those who need it. Show me the abundance of Your goodness in my life and others’ lives daily. In Jesus’ name, amen.

God’s goodness manifests in our lives in expected and unexpected ways daily. He guides and protects us from danger and answers our hearts’ petitions. How could we not think that God is good? When we’re struggling to see the goodness of God in our lives, let’s hope that He sends us a gentle reminder.

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