Cumulative Viewing and Listening Audience 5,590,070,913
Viewing Audience of the "JESUS" Film
    Since 1979:5,040,711,440
    Internet viewings:48,170
    Indicated decisions for Christ as a result of the film:188,869,483
    Countries in which the film has been shown:236
    Countries where the film has been seen on television:176
Listening Audience of "The Story of Jesus" Audio Version
     Radio listeners:417,807,554Audiocassette listeners:131,551,919
Translation Progress
    Languages with "JESUS" film translations completed:800
    Additional languages with audio version only:16
    Languages with "JESUS" film translations in process:269
    Languages with "The Story of Jesus" audio translations completed: 282
    Languages with "The Story of Jesus for Children" video translations completed:46