NEW YORK, March 30 (AP) -- Church leaders in Istanbul, Turkey, have rejected abid for increased self-government from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in America, according to the English edition of the NationalHerald, a Greek-American newspaper.

The Herald said it had obtained the text of a paper from the officeof Istanbul's Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew that opposes a newgoverning charter endorsed by bishops of the U.S. church. The patriarch's seeexercises direct jurisdiction over the U.S. Greeks, the largest branchin American Orthodoxy.

An American delegation went to Istanbul last month and the U.S.Greek bishops discussed the situation in New York March 13-14, butissued no details.

The Herald said the U.S. bishops want their future leaders, the archbishop,to be chosen in Istanbul from three nominees they propose, but thepatriarch's office wants the Americans to have only an undefinedadvisory role. Also rejected was a requirement that any future U.S. archbishophave pastoral experience in the nation.

In addition, the Herald reported, the Istanbul see wants the powerto name other U.S. bishops rather than having them elected in the UnitedStates, and to pass judgment on all decisions by the U.S. bishops, includingcreation or elimination of any U.S. institution. Also, Istanbu wants the powers of acongress of U.S. priests and laity to be reduced.