The following is an excerpt from "Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames," and appears with permission of Riverhead Books.

The majority of us wait until a war breaks out in order to begin some kind of effort to stop it. Many of us do not know that the roots of war are everywhere, including in our own thinking and way of life. We are not capable of seeing the war while it is still hidden. We begin to focus our attention on the war only when the war breaks out into the open and people start talking about it. Then we feel overwhelmed by the intensity of the war. We feel helpless. We take sides and feel that one is right and other is wrong. We condemn one side, but we have nothing to contribute towards ending the destruction caused by the war.

As a true practitioner, you have to practice looking deeply into the situation to see the war before it starts. You have to begin acting in order to stop the war before it breaks out into the open. With your insight and awareness, you can help other people to wake up and develop the same awareness. Then, together you can act skillfully in order to prevent the war from breaking out into the open....

Violence can never bring about peace and understanding. Only by looking deeply in order to understand the true roots of violence can we achieve peace.
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