Revisiting the moments in space reminds us of how big our God is compared to the worries on earth. It’s a thought to ponder, even during an auction.

A one-inch statue of St. Christopher, the patron saint of travelers, carried by the Apollo 16 Lunar Module Orion is up for auction. The artifact was given to astronaut Charlie Duke by his sister, Betsy in the 1970s. Included is a hand-painted prayer from the students of the Holy Spirit School of West Yorkshire, England.

This is the seventh Apollo themed auction with three astronauts consigning directly from their own collections.

“The St. Christopher is really small, I had it on my desk,” VP Bobby Livingston of the Massachusetts-based RR Auctions said. “It’s spectacular.”

Astronauts would carry Personal Preference Kits with them into space such as personal items, and souvenirs given by the people of NASA.

Sometimes the astronauts would carry two-dollar bills with them for good luck. The most desirable items to collect are those that went to the lunar surface Livingston said.

Pieces of astronaut’s uniforms or experiment devices are more expensive.

“The next levels are those things in the lunar module that landed on the moon, which the St. Christopher stayed inside the module while he walked around in space. This statue is one of a kind treasure here on Earth of the religious artifacts carried to the surface of the moon.”

Charlie Duke, an evangelical Christian said that you don’t need to go to space to find God.

“Now that I'm a believer, in my mind, I can see that sight and proclaim as the Psalmist did,” Duke told The Christian Post.

“The heavens declare the glory of God. The sky proclaims the work of his hands."

Take a moment to breathe in God's creation today.

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