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When we were just little toddlers we likely began to feel a pull towards the animal kingdom. We quickly picked our favorites when we were just beginning to learn to speak. All of these years later, though, the favorite animals you chose can reveal more about your personality.

Each individual animal has specific characteristics that pertain to only themselves. Some are quiet and confident, while others are strong and free. Your admiration of one animal over another speaks volumes about your own personality and character traits. What does your favorite animal say about you?


If dogs are your favorite animals, chances are that you are a very loyal and caring person. You are someone that is very protective of your friends and family and will defend them at a moment’s notice. You selflessly care for others and aren’t afraid to take risks if it means helping someone else. You are also a very positive, cheerful person. You make friends easily and keep a smile on your face. Like everyone loves dogs for their adorable nature, people are attracted to you for the positive vibes you put out. Your joy is contagious.


Horses are strong, powerful but very gentle creatures. Wild horses represent freedom, spirit and grace. The horse symbolizes breaking free from the restraints of society and racing towards your goals and passions. Those that favor horses harvest that same desire for freedom in their own personality. The horse lover stands strong and pushes forward through any difficulty, but does so in a graceful manor. You are independent and are able to choose for yourself. You strive to be the best version of yourself and stay true to your heart.


Cats are known for being independent, strong and aloof and you are too. You have a level of curiosity that is unmatched to others, and that leads you to fun opportunities and adventures. Like the skillful hunters cats are, you also hunt for what you want in life. You are determined and motivated to achieve your dreams and get what you want. With great strength and respect, cat lovers are able to be true leaders.


Elephants are seen as majestic creatures and humans have long been drawn to them. You are strong in mind, body, and spirit. You possess an unlimited amount of love and care for others, and are a great protector of loved ones. People often go to you for advice because you have an air about you that exudes intelligence. You're very wise, and you tend to gain people's trust very quickly. You may often play the role of mom to your friends. You are a natural leader, but are open to other’s opinions and values.


Giraffes are fun creatures, just like you. You're very quirky, but what's more, you're well-liked, and that's an accomplishment in itself. You're also one of the nicest people around and make friends with ease. Respect is never something you have to demand but it just comes naturally for you because you don't do anything to not deserve it. As giraffes tend to be calm and gentle creatures, you have vast amounts of patience and kindness just waiting to be shared with others.


Whales are very intelligent creatures, and they follow the same migration path each you. Much like whales, you know the direction that you are going in life. You enjoy the same routine and have a difficult time accepting change. That is all right since you have such a strong sense of who you are and how you are loved by those around you. More than once you have found yourself at the center of a movement, leading the charge for something you believe in.


The tiger represents determination, persistence, and patience. The tiger is also wise, and he encourages you to use proven methods to accomplish your goals. Through hard work and will, the tiger shows you that anything can be accomplished. The tiger can stand alone, or he can camouflage into his surroundings if need be. The spiritual totem of the tiger will give you balance and power when you need it most.


If you love the fox, it probably means you can be a little reserved at times. Once people get to know you, you're a great conversationalist and an overall awesome person to be around. The fox represents speed and efficiency. The fox does well in the darkness because he welcomes the unknown. Rather than avoiding problems, the fox forces you to confront and overcome your fears. You also have a way of getting what you want - it's all that wit and charm you possess.


Whether a cardinal, eagle, pigeon, or stork, if you adore birds then you similar characteristics to them. As birds fly up in the sky to view the world from a higher perspective, you are a person who sees the "bigger picture" usually rather than worry about the minute details. As birds care for their young until they are ready to be on their own, you are caring and gentle with others. You selflessly sacrifice your time and resources for others without notice. You are ambitious, and willing to take a risk as the young bird leaps from its nest to learn how to fly.

Does your favorite animal match your personality? While some animals are adorable and cute, others represent power, strength and skill. What animal you love will tell a lot about you, so research the personalities of your favorites to discover more about yourself.

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