It Takes a Church In comparison to shows like the Bachelor and the Bachelorette, ‘It Takes a Church’ is the anti-dating show. “No drama. No rose ceremonies. No hot tub hookups. All of that is missing from the show, thankfully. It focuses on the human interest and tells a deep story,” said, host of ‘It Takes a Church’, Natalie Grant.

Thursday, June 5th, GSN will premiere‘It Takes a Church’, a matchmaking show, hosted by Grant. “I was drawn to the idea of hosting the show because of the role the local church congregation plays,” said Grant. “I have a single sister, who has raised two kids on her own. She’s told me that the place that she feels the loneliest is at church.”

For Grant, hosting the matchmaking show was an opportunity to see what we can learn about our love lives through our faith. Grant believes that an individual’s faith is one of the most important factors in a relationship and that finding someone who holds the same religious values and beliefs, as you, is very important to help solidify any relationships’ foundation.

Wonder how exactly the singles and the church come together with the show? The churches submit the application choosing the single that they would like to help. The great thing about the show is that the single is surprised but every single genuinely wants to find someone. There is no one on the show that doesn’t want to be there. They are willing to do the work to find their perfect match.

It Takes a Church

“I do believe someone can find true love within the church. When you’re a person of faith, where else should you find a person that you want to be with,” Grant asks. “This show focuses on the congregation and their mission to find someone who is compatible. The single knows the people that are doing the match making, ultimately they know the direction of life the single is taking.”

‘It Takes a Church’ is a show that reveals the true message behind love - allowing faith to lay the groundwork. “I love that this is a show that I can watch with my daughters,” said Grant. “It’s a show that anyone and everyone will love.”

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