Early on, Eliot Sloan, the lead vocalist and key songwriter, with his friends were generating funky, pop/rock style music. During this season, Blessid Union of Souls emerged as the number one smash, a trio of top tens, five top 20 tunes and seven to hit the top 40, spanning the diverse likes of the iconic ballad “I Believe,” the quirky and colorful “Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me),” the acoustically framed “Light In Your Eyes,” plus romantic favorites including “I Wanna Be There” and “Let Me Be the One” to name only a few.

From the gold selling Carole King tribute album Tapestry Revisited (Rod Stewart, Faith Hill, Amy Grant, The Bee Gees) to the double platinum soundtrack for “Pokemon: The First Movie,” Eliot has made appearances on “Contact” (starring Jodie Foster), “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” “Cold Case,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” “Live with Regis” (no less than four times), “Good Morning, America,” “Top of the Pops,” “All My Children” and VH1. In short, Blessid Union of Souls has impacted every facet of pop culture.
During these glorious years, Eliot appeared on stage with superstar acts like Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind and Mike & the Mechanics. In the midst of his fame and glory, he began to feel that there was something lacking in his life. Eliot expresses his feelings – “I don’t know if you want to call it an un-fulfillment but I just wanted to go deeper. I love reading the Bible and I love the Old Testament stories. I love the word of God and I just wanted the music to reflect that more and be more in that direction.” Eliot desired to pursue a musical career, but he wanted his music to have depth and purpose. 
In the midst of fame and success, a shift took place in their music. It all started in a small production studio a little over six years ago where friends once generated punk/pop music.  No more. Blessid Union of Souls chose to abandon their traditional pop musical style to embrace a more contemporary Christian style of music.

Little did they realize that what started out in a small studio would pave the way for the release of their new album, The Mission Field. This new album captures a different audience; rather than just providing mere musical entertainment, the album sends a message of encouragement and hope to bring healing to the hearts of a dying world!! Today, Eliot envisions using this new album as a tool to impact this generation. 

Interview with Elliot Sloan

Is there one song that really shares your heart and vision for your ministry?

On this new record, the song "The Mission Field" sets the tone of what the mission of this whole record is all about. It’s one of my favorite songs right now. There’s a song that’s not on the album that –called Early Sunday Morning, which is really close to my heart and that may be one that people have to go dig up and find.

Is there a specific scripture that you turn to when you’re facing trials?

I always turn to Proverbs 3:5; “Trust in the lord with all you heart” – and “Lean not unto your own understanding” because our understanding is so limiting.”

What advice would you offer to someone going through their own battles or trials?

I would probably direct them right to [Proverbs 3:5-6] when people are going through trials, there’s a sense of hopelessness.  There’s a sense of just darkness like there’s no hope. There’s no way out of this situation and that’s just the lie of the devil. He wants us to focus on that lie – but God says “Trust." My advice would just be to hold on. There is actually a song on our album called Hold On and it speaks just of that. Where there’s a person I’m talking [who is] going through [a hard season] and it [appears that] they just want to give it up, the chorus says “Hold On.” God promise[s] that he will be with us always. Always means always when we’re asleep, awake [in a] good mood, bad mood, [or] late [at] night. He said “I will be with you always” and that’s comforting to me.

What is your purpose in playing your music?

I just want to spread God’s message at this point.– I’ve always loved playing music. This is kind of like really all I have really wanted to do. God gave me the challenge to be able to do it and I want to give back to him what he gave to me. I’ve always been conscious of wanting to deliver a more in-depth message [rather] than just playing and having fun. I want to spread more and more of God’s message and hopefully during the course of our concerts or meeting with people before and after the show they get [will be touched]. Maybe it’s just one lyric in one particular song.