On the Road with Tricia Brock

Superchick's Tricia Brock ventures out on her own with her first solo record. She shares how her struggles redefined her worship.

Tricia Brock

Q. You have a new solo worship album called The Road, plus you're touring with Superchick. You are very busy. I don't know many artists who have been able to keep up not only a budding solo career, but also that of their own band.

A. My record label signed me knowing that Superchick stays pretty busy and with the understanding that the two could help each other. I'm supporting the record and the show and talking about it with Superchick.

Q. How has the response been when you perform songs from The Road on stage with Superchick?

A. It's been so good. I think that there's been other times when Superchick has ended with a worship time, and we always get such a good response from people. Our show is a rock show and a ton of high energy. When we slow down and have some serious points, it really has an impact. So this song seems to connect. There's just something emotional about the lyrics, and I feel that people worship to it the first time around, which is just really, really cool.

Q. You've said that you're not leaving Superchick. So, what led you to do a solo project and more importantly a worship album?

A. I know it’s not what people expect. I grew up on hymns. So this album is a reflection of that. That was what was worshipful to me until I was 17. So I wanted to reflect that. Ultimately for me, this was a step of faith, because the last few years in our lives have been struggle after struggle. I start to feel like I am drowning in my sorrows, and then I see how so many of the guys who made it in the Bible talked candidly about these struggles that they were going through and they always pointed back to God. It’s all to bring Him glory. "I’ll go through this, and I can make it through." I love to see a person who is willing to share what’s going on in their life and not just say that everything is good and God is good. Here are the things going on in my life, but I'm holding on still and that’s what this is meant to be, an album of worship in a time when sometimes I fell. I still need to be rescued. Sometimes I’ve not seen that my prayer is answered in the last few years and I still see people struggling and struggling and barely making it. Holding on, but believing in God... that's such an inspiration to me.

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