The Fray - How to Save A Life

If you’ve listened to pop radio in recent years you have no doubt heard pop/rock band The Fray play their particular brand of piano driven rock songs. The band’s lyrics are often inspiring and always clean, speaking to emotions that we all feel at any age.

NOTE: Please check out the content on the albums before playing them for your children!

Switchfoot - Vice Verses

Switchfoot has never made any bones about producing positive spiritual music in the secular marketplace. As a result, any one of their many albums is perfect for a younger person who is getting into rocking out. The latest, Vice Verses, is one of their more accessible albums and one of the better releases of 2011.

They Might Be Giants - No

Here’s one for your younger kids! Rock act They Might Be Giants is known for its punk sensibility and dynamite hooks, but in 2002 they released their first children’s album simply titled No. It was one of the first of its kind, and also one of the best! It is perfect for your little ones who enjoy children’s music, but who also want to rock! Adults will enjoy the poppy hooks and snappy lyrics as well.

Animals As Leaders

If you have a child who is getting into heavy metal, you may have cause for concern about what lyrics they may hear. Animals As Leaders removes that concern by removing vocals entirely, instead dazzling the listener with intense instrumental parts and hard rocking guitar riffs. Both of their albums are fantastic, but the debut self-titled album stands above the newest release. Their name even sounds like it could be an awesome children’s band (though they aren’t).

U2 - The Joshua Tree

U2 is always serious and always surprising, and for a young teen is starting to get into serious music The Joshua Tree is an amazing place to start. It’s timeless sound and positive themes make it both easy to listen to and good to think about as well. 

Thrice - Major/Minor

If you’ve got a child who is getting into the heavier side of rock music, look no further than Thrice. Lead singer Dustin Kensrue is a worship leader by day and hard rock vocalist by night. Their songs are full of depth both lyrically and musically, and all of their albums are quality. They have always been true to who they are, which is a great thing for young people to see.

The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang

The Gaslight Anthem play punk/rock that is heavily inspired by classic rock artists like Bruce Springsteen, so right away many parents will be interested. Lead singer Brian Fallon, while a very serious guy, refuses to use any profanity in his lyrics. For fun rock music look no further than American Slang.

Collective Soul - Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid

This ‘90s pop/rock act got their big break early on with the release of “Shine” from this very album. While their lyrics trend towards the fun and clean, this album in particular has a playful and crystal clean quality that makes it a great album to try with the whole family.

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