We're the Dark Horses - An Interview with Switchfoot

Beliefnet discusses music and belief with members of the Grammy winning rock band.


Switchfoot is preparing to release their eighth studio album on September 27th. The iconic rock band has always lived in both the secular and the Christian worlds, making statements that are as deep as they are relevant. 'Vice Verses' builds upon that legacy, crafting anthemic sounds through big guitars and roaring drum and bass patterns. The band calls it their “most soulful record to date,” and they can't wait for their fans to experience it.  Fans will get their first chance to hear five of the songs, as well as see the video for single "Dark Horses," on ESPN this Saturday night.

I caught up with band members Drew Shirley and Jerome Fontamillas while they were playing a festival in Mesquite, Michigan. We talked 'Vice Verses', songwriting, faith, and music. As an interviewer I have to say, these are some of the nicest guys in the business, and the new album is going to be well worth your time. Pre-order it here and check out the interview below!


An interview with Drew Shirley

What is Vice Verses to you?

Wow. Vice Verses to me? Let’s see. It was a very special album for me. Personally, I feel like I’m coming into my own on this record and I think the band is really on a… search for greatness really. This is our most soulful album to date. I think it is our most introspective but [also] our most listener friendly album. I think this batch of songs was one of the most honest batch of songs we’ve had, and then we committed to things musically early on and we were focused on recording something that had a concise statement. So we picked the songs we were going to record at the top of the recording and then hit 14 songs and picked 12, which is pretty slim for a band like us. A lot of times we’ll record 80 and pick 12. So, in that respect, it’s much more focused and I think we’re learning what songs we sing best.

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