‘Heaven Can Wait’ by Michael Jackson

‘Heaven Can Wait’ was written by Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, Andrea Heard, Nate Smith, Teron Beal, Eritza Laues and Kenny Quiller. Originally the song was written for Teddy Riley for Blackstreet’s 1999 album “Finally”. But when Jackson began writing the song with him, the singer asked Riley to give him the song – and of course he did and the song was added to Jackson’s “Invincible” album.

‘Heaven Got Another Angel’ by Gordon True

This song talks about love and loss. The song brings light to losing loved ones by saying that heaven needs our lost ones more than we need them here on earth. The song provides a silver lining to the pain and whirlwind of emotions that death can bring on.

‘Shine’ by Collective Soul

‘Shine’ was the debut single for Collective Soul. The song has remained, over the years, as one of the band’s most well-known songs. Guitarist Dean Roland has called the song's chorus "basically a prayer" and noted that the uplifting single was released during an odd time amidst heavy grunge. The mention of heaven, being in their first single, caused media critics to label the band as purely Christian; however, over the years the band advised this was not at all the case.

‘Dancing in the Sky’ by Dani and Lizzy

In 2013, when this song was released, the internet reacted positively.

The video on YouTube racked in over 1,500,000 views. The song expresses sorrow at the loss of a loved one, asking whether their fears and pain have faded away. Lizzy wrote the song after a friend died, but later reports have suggested that the song was inspired by the deaths of others the duo knew.

These are just a few of the songs about heaven available. As a Christian, it’s refreshing to know that so many people believe in the beauty of heaven. At some point in everyone’s life, they have lost someone that is near and dear to their heart. Having inspirational songs, like these, can make all of the difference. Sometimes a song has the power of healing.