Amazing Grace
Away From Her
The Kite Runner
For this year's Best Spiritual Film contest, the Beliefnet community chose "Amazing Grace". It wasn't the best known of the nominees or the highest grossing at the box office, but our panelists and community members agreed: "Amazing Grace" is the best spiritual film of the year. And it wasn't even close, winning both votes by a comfortable margin.

"Amazing Grace" is one of those films about the past that resonates so much with the present that, take away the costumes, it could be set today. It's about what happens to a man when his faith and his spirituality go from being expedient lip-service to being uncomfortable daggers that drive him to make a wildly unpopular stand.

The man was British parliamentarian William Wilberforce, and the issue was the human slave trade--which was seen by most politicians as an economic issue, not a moral or spiritual one. (Heard that one lately?)