Who's Going to Pay for Paddy?

Paddy went into St. Mary’s hospital for major surgery. In the recovery room, the nurse came in and said, “So Pat, how will you be payin’ for your surgery?” “Sure and I don’t know,” said Pat. “Do you have any insurance?” the nurse asked. This joke was reprinted from "The Book of Catholic Jokes" by Deacon Tom Sheridan, with permission of ACTA Publications. Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. “No,” said Pat. “Do you have any money?” she asked. “Not a penny,” said Pat. “Do you have any relatives who might be able to pay for this surgery?” “Only me spinster sister in New Mexico; she’s a nun.” “Nuns aren’t spinsters Pat, they’re married to God,” the nurse said. “Fine,” replied Pat, “then sure and you’ll be sending the bill to me Brother-in-Law.”
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