a favorite son

esus is walking through heaven one day, a little bored, when he passes the Pearly Gates, where St. Peter is addressing an elderly gentleman. He decides to go over and hear the man's tale.

"Where are you from, old man?" Jesus asks. "Well, I lived my life on the shores of the Mediterranean," the old man replies. "Hmmm. I spent some time there myself," says Jesus. "What did you do for a living?" "Well, I was a poor carpenter," says the old man. "Wow. So was I," says Jesus. "And I had a son," says the old man. "Well, he wasn't my son really, but a miraculous spirit came into him and he became a very famous person." Jesus can't hold back any longer. "Father!" He cries. The old man falls into Jesus' outstretched arms and sighs, "Pinocchio!"

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