Candace Cameron Bure

Most know her for playing the role of D.J. Tanner on the megahit “Full House” TV series which set the stage for a successful acting and writing career. But what some don’t know is that the former ‘Full House’ child star is a passionate Christian and enthusiastic about her faith.

She’s never been shy to talk about her faith, just like her brother Kirk Cameron, who went from child star to evangelist. After years of being an atheist, the Growing Pains actor was born-again at age 17. After this transformation during his run on the popular sitcom, he asked for lines to be removed from his script for his TV character that weren’t in line with his faith. Once the show ended, he let go of mainstream Hollywood and fell in love with evangelism.

“My faith is my basis of who I am. Not only does it affect the choices I make career-wise, but it also affects the things that I want to do,” Bure told The Blaze. She is married to former Russian NHL hockey player Valeri Bore with whom she’s had three children.

Bure has shared that her family had never discussed religion, until they were invited to a church by a friend, and started actively attending church when she was 12.

“When I was growing up, my family wasn’t Christian,” Bure said on her website. “We didn’t talk about God and I didn’t know anything about Him. When I was 12 years old, my parents told us we were going to go to church; a friend had invited us. It was strange to me, and I giggled at the thought of God. But as we continued to go every Sunday, my heart felt warm, and I saw how happy my mom, brother and sister were. I decided that I wanted to feel the same way. It was Jesus Christ that was producing this change in them, so one Sunday morning, I asked Jesus into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior. I was baptized along with some of my family at a later service. I was extremely excited about what I thought was my new Christian life.”

But it wasn’t until her 20s that the Word of God began to truly resonate with her. Her brother, Kirk Cameron gave her a book, Ray Comfort’s “The Way of the Master,” and it was then, she said, that Christianity truly began to make sense.

“After reading a book my brother gave to me….it changed my walk with God forever! It talked about the 10 commandments, and showed me my sin in its true light. You see, when I prayed the 'Sinner’s Prayer' that day in church when I was 12, I asked God to forgive my sins. But I didn’t even know what sin was. But, the law showed me my sin.”

“As I went through every commandment, I saw that I’d broken all of them. Then I learned that God was going to judge me by this standard, not the world’s standard. So, while I thought I was a good person compared to other people, I saw that I was a horribly bad person by God’s standard. It was then that I truly recognized and understood my sin and what Jesus did for me. I broke the Law, and Jesus paid my fine,” Bure said.

Bure credits her parents for her moral stability throughout her youth as a child her star. Her parents made sure that she and her brother avoided parties and only went to events sanction by the television network or related to important charities. Those efforts were instrumental in her development and helped her keep on track as a child star.

“For me, I can always just go back to my parents and my faith,” she said. “They did a great job of being very involved. Our lives were never really about the industry,” Bure said. “It was like a broken record with my parents in a good way. That’s why I didn’t do drugs.”

Bure admits that it’s not always easy being a Christian in Hollywood.

“It’s very difficult to be a Christian in Hollywood, although it’s easy to just say no,” Bure said in an interview with Beliefnet. “That’s my choice I can always say no. I have an easy out or an easy answer if I want it to be easy.”

Today, she only takes on roles that are family-friendly.

“They don’t have to necessarily be Christian films, but I want to be in things that I’m comfortable having my children and husband watch. They come first in my life, not the film industry,” Bure said.

Bure gives all credit to God, including her family and marriage. Bure and her husband have had a steady, successful marriage for 22 years and their commitment to each other is stronger than ever. The secret to their longtime love is their faith, Bure said.

“The reality is the glue for us is Jesus,” she revealed to People in a new interview. “It’s the Bible. You know when there are arguments or we’re compromising and in ways, it’s always like, ‘Well, let’s just go back to the Bible.’ It’s the foundation for us. So it’s not about winning or losing. But doing this journey together.”

She is known for not being afraid to share her views on faith and family. She doesn’t use faith for publicity, but as a way to share her passion for Christ with others. Her faith has had an impact on her career both positively and negatively. She said in an interview with the Blaze “I have a really wonderful core audience that has followed me since I was a little girl. They are rooting me on,” she said, noting that her fans know they can trust her work to be family-friendly. “In that way my faith really helps me.”

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