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If you want to become a Money Magician, it is important to not become become entangled in the money game. Magicians
know that the money game is about the illusion of money as the source,
which is simply a mirage. Magicians are connected to the true Source and know
that money is simply one expression of our Divine creativity.  Whenever
a Money Magician begins to experience difficulty around money, they seek to
understand what needs to be resolved within as the first step. They know that any inner constriction around money
can block the flow of money into their lives. Therefore, the Money
Magician actively seeks to understand and remove any fear or obstacle
in their path. The Money Magician has infinite faith and knows that
their needs will always be met.

Here is the Money Magician’s Formula for creating prosperity:

M = Masters in the art of transforming reality
A = Aligned with the Universal Spiritual Principles
G = Guided by insight and revelation
I  = Integrity based in their actions
C = Connected to the Source
I  = Intuitive 
A = Abundant   
N = Not Attached to Outcome

Magician’s Guide to Manifesting Money

1.Seek first to build the Portfolio of Your Life
Before you begin to think about manifesting prosperity in your life you
must know your reason for seeking it. What is the life you are seeking?
Begin to build that life day by day, brick by brick. Lay the foundation
for the life you want now. Do not wait for the money to begin.

2.What is it that you desire money to transform in your life?
You must
know the answer to this question before you can expect to manifest it.
The more specific you are, the better your success will be. 

3. Seek first the kingdom from within.
The secret to happiness and
success should be based on your internal needs and desires. It is
important that you work to create world that reflects who you are.

4. Be guided by insight and revelation.
Develop your
intuition around money so that you will know where to focus your
intention. Avoid putting time, energy or money into areas of your life
that take you off your path.
5. Be integrity-based decisions and actions
around money
Only you know what the truth is for you. Follow that

6. Ask for what you want and need specifically.
Pray and meditate on receiving all that God has intended for you.

7. Remain unattached to outcome.
Trust that you will receive all that is
necessary that serves your highest good and life’s purpose. Money Magicians
know that attachment is the root of all unhappiness and suffering in the world.

8. Nurture your Soul and stay connected to God.
Stay plugged into this one eternal power Source and let this be the light that guides you on your path.

Peace & Blessings!

Excerpted from Money Magic © Deborah Price. Used with permission of New World Library (

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