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As I’ve looked around this week for
good news, the best I have come up with is quite beautiful and
astounding…smack in the middle of the Haitian earthquake crisis. This
is not front page news, but it should be. For right in the middle of
the Great Recession where people around the globe are feeling
financially strapped and constricted — a record response of support
for the victims of earthquake in Haiti has occurred. And literally,
millions of people and governments from around the world have rallied
to provide aid and support of all kinds to help the people of Haiti in
their time of great need.

Outside of 9/11, I have never seen
such a show of global support. And while the process of providing aid
and support has not been without its challenges…the intention behind
this support is undeniable. We all want the people of Haiti to know that we care about them and want greatly to help ease their suffering.

will say…why could we not see their suffering sooner? Haiti is the
poorest of the poor. Where were we when they needed us before?

But this is not the time to throw stones and lay blame. This is the time to forgive and to heal and to realize that we are not separate from one another.

pain of one human being or one nation is all of our pain. This is not
just the message and lesson of Haiti. This is the message and lesson
for our time as a people living on this planet.

We are just beginning to realize our connectedness at a collective level and this, my friends, is good news for us all.

May it not continue to require an earthquake or tragedy to shake us from our deep sleep.

Peace and Blessings!

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