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Please join us in praying for all those in need right now. Join
Beliefnet’s Financial Prayer Circle, dedicated to holding the space and
praying for those in need of prayers and support. Here are some of the
requests we received this week:

"We are in dispair and need help in all forms including financial.
prayers to protect and help my son stephen is on my priority. let him
be able to go forward and not have any issues to ste him back let the
lord create a miracle and then let the goodness and financial healing
for us all including my family,friends and this whole country i have
never been so distraught. with so many problems health, vehicle,
financial only to name a few the main is my son thanks then we
can try and go on from there." -Jean

"Please pray for me. I am having financial difficulties and cannot seem
to get my "head above water." I am going through a divorce and I am now
even being sued by my own divorce attorney because I am having trouble
coming up with the money to pay him. I am so depressed because
according to him, I now owe him 5600.00 dollars instead of 2500.00 that
I thought I owed. I am very scared, depressed and at my wits end.
Please pray that I can somehow come up with the money so that my
financial issues can be resolved." - Juan

Here’s a prayer for today for all those who are in need of support and encouragement during these financially challenging times.

Dear God,

We pray and ask for your love, light and guidance
over the financial affairs of all your children.
Forgive us our financial shortcomings,
strengthen our courage and convictions in becoming
more personally and financially aware, responsible and enlightened.
Help us to know the truth of our individual value which
exceeds anything we can ever hope to possess.
Help us to know our true net worth lies in matters of the heart and spirit
and in our Divine connection to you.
You are our one true Source and the Source from which
all things begin and end.
Thank you for the gifts you have already given and for the gifts
that have yet to come.
Help us to receive gratefully and graciously
your never-ending abundance. love and light
And so it is.

~Deborah Price and Donna Colfer

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