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At the Money Coaching Institute (where I work) we help people to identify and understand their money patterns and
behaviors by working with their Money Types. Money Types are simply
“archetypes” or short-hand to understanding behaviors that exist inside of all of us. They are not just another “label” meant to define you, but are a powerful way of
helping people to gain awareness about their relationship to money.
Your Money Types are not your personality or “who you are” at all. However, your Money Types can help you
understand  “where you are” with regard to money and your financial
life and perhaps even help you to know how you got there.

In my book, Money Magic:Unleashing Your Potential for Wealth and Prosperity there are a eight Money Types that encompass our collective money patterns and behaviors. Here a some abbreviated descriptions of each of the eight types:

The Eight Money Types

The Innocent  –  Takes the ostrich approach to money, doesn’t want to see
what’s going on.  Seeks safety and security and longs to be rescued.

The Victim – Often blame their financial situation on outside forces.Tends
to live in the past and often has a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Warrior – Take charge, goal oriented, focused, and decisive. Tend to be
the most successful as they are usually financially discerning, driven,
and highly self-actuated.

The Martyr – Busy taking care of others’ needs, but often neglect their
own.  Tend to be self-sacrificing and long-suffering.  Financially
generous  but may have strings attached.

The Fool – Tends to take financial shortcuts. Financially fearless, often
impulsive and can get caught up in the enthusiasm of the moment. They
need to slow down their financial decision-making process and do the
research before signing on the dotted line.

The Creator/Artist – Often on a spiritual or artistic path.  Finds the
material world difficult to live in. Can be financially detached or
have a conflicted love/hate relationship with money.

The Tyrant – May use money to manipulate and control people, events and
circumstances. Have a great need for safety and control and believe
money is all that will provide that for them.

The Magician – The ideal Money Type. Willing to claim their own power. 
Armed with the knowledge of the past, they are at peace with money,
feel financially secure and know their needs are always be met.

Take the Money Type Quiz and discover your own Money Types.

Tell me how you scored and I’ll give some feedback about what your
scores say about you and your relationship with relationship with money.

Find out now so you can start your New Year off right by becoming more financial self-aware and empowered!

Peace & Blessings!

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