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Most people think of the holidays as the “Season for Giving” and yes, that is what most of us try to do. We shop for gifts for our loved ones, send token gifts of gratitude to our clients, and possibly even write a check to our favorite charity this time of year.

Everyone likes to be thought of as being a “Generous Giver.” But few people talk about the importance of also being a “Gracious Receiver,” which I believe is equally important. In fact, this year I think it is more important than ever to embrace this idea.

Like most of you, many of my family and friends are financially strapped this year and don’t have the resources to give gifts. I know everyone feels badly when they cannot give a gift at the holidays, so I tell them that 2009 is their year to simply be “the receiver.” After all, what fun would giving be if there were no receivers?  In order for our giving to be complete…we need receivers.

So how do we become “gracious receivers?” First, we need to more fully acknowledge that it is just as important and holy to receive as it is to give. One does not exist without the other.

By becoming “gracious receivers” we allow “the giver” to fully experience the joy of giving which is itself a powerful gift.

As we increasingly allow ourselves to receive, we say yes! to all of God’s glory and abundance. Let us use this holiday season to become more open and receptive to receiving all that seeks to be given to us…gratefully and gracefully.

Peace and Blessings!

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