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Two years ago, we lost the legendary Larry Stewart, the Secret Santa who gave over 1.3 million away anonymously over the course of 27 years. But before he died, he revealed his identity and recruited a friend to follow in his footsteps. Now, his appointed Secret Santa has hand-picked about 20 other Secret Santa’s to help carry out their work across the nation.

One recipient this holiday season was Herman Smithey III, who has terminal cancer and couldn’t afford his medication any longer. He recently received a knock on the door and was handed $2000 by a retired police office dressed in a red coat and cap.

Another recipient was a police detective in Kansas City who recently funded a boxing gym for at-risk kids out of his own pocket to the tune of $20,000. Another Secret Santa showed up on his doorstep and handed him $2000 and told him to “just keep doing what you’re doing.”
This year’s Secret Santa’s crew will hand out about $300,000 to unsuspecting people who are often greatly in need of financial support. The only thing they ask of their recipients is to do something good for someone else when they have the chance.

Where ever he is, I hope that Larry Stewart is smiling down on his crew contentedly…knowing that his gift keeps on giving.

Peace & Blessings!

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