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Please pray for our readers on our Financial Prayer Circle. Here are some of our recent requests:


From Sara: "Please everyone say a prayer for me and
my 2 small children. I don't know how there going to have a nice
Christmas this year. im struggling!! I need help I work full time and
have nothing to show for it! I am behind on all my bill and most of my
stuff is now in credit."

From Diane: "Please say a prayer to help us. We moved across the
country as my husband had received a job . He had been here for a
couple of months. Then I moved the kids and my self only to find out as
we had gotten into town that he had been laid off that day (along with
8 other new hires). We moved into a cramped small apt, but with that
and two car payments and utilities we are about to be out on the

Here’s a prayer for today:

Dearest God, I know that You are the source of all my good and that
You provide for me in all ways.

Please help me release the fears that block me from receiving Your gifts.

Please help me feel the emotions of peace, gratitude, and financial security and to know that I am Your child upon whom You bestow great blessings.

I now stay open to Divine guidance, which perfectly leads me to situations, people, and opportunities that are part of Your plan for my financial peace.

I now see and feel myself and everyone else as completely financially secure, and my heart overflows with gratitude and joy at the abundant universe that You created.

Thank You, and amen.

~ Doreen Virtue, PhD

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