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Today’s blog is dedicated to our readers in need help and support. Let us pray together for grace and aid to all those in need.

Here’s some prayer requests from our Financial Prayer Circle.

“To find a job and a house or an apartment. I have lost a
lot but I am still thankful.” (read more…)


“This prayer circle is especially for those who are
suffering from illness and who do not have access to adequate healthcare,
whether it be due to lack of funds or otherwise. Let’s pray that they find the
right path and method for finding health.” (read more…)

Pray this prayer for our readers and friends who need our support:

Send your life-giving Spirit
upon those who despair of living,
O generous and loving God.
If it is your will,
let them find rest from their labors
that they may have peace.
If there is a call they have not heard,
open their eyes and ears to know it
that they may find the joy of abundant life.
Grant them your blessing this day
and every day.

~ Vienna Cobb Anderson

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