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Here’s a prayer to help our readers who are unemployed and searching for work. You can also offer prayers of support to these readers on our Financial Prayer Circle.

“My husband has been laid off since the second week of
August.  It has been a very hard struggle for us. We’ve been through hard
times before but never this long.

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My friend will be getting laid off from his job shortly.
He and his wife have 3 children. Please pray that he’ll be able to take care of

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Please Pray She finds suitable employment to sustain her
living quarters and also help others in need!”

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Dear God,
I pray and ask for your love, guidance and support
in helping me to find meaningful work that will make
good use of the skills and abilities you have given me.
Help me to stay positive, hopeful and awake to new
possibilities. Give me strength, courage, faith and trust
that everything is unfolding perfectly for my highest good.
Help me to receive into my life all the resources that I need
– mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially – so that I
may experience sufficiency, ease and grace. May I be free
from fear of lack and limitation. I surrender this to you
and trust that all my needs are always met. Thank you for
the blessings you have given me, for your light, your love and
your protection on my life, my family and our home on earth.
I consider it done, and so it is.

~Deborah Price

Peace & Blessings!

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