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A large part of my work at the Money Coaching Institute is working with couples who have money issues. Financial conflict is common in many relationships and left unmanaged, can seriously fracture a marriage. And  unfortunately, money issues remain one […]

I recently attended an event at an amazing new homeless shelter in Marin called the Next Key, which is part of Homeward Bound of Marin in the Bay Area. They have created the most creative and innovative program I have […]

Creator hear us, for we are your children. Father we thank you for all that you have given us. We thank you for the lessons that you have taught us andfor the life that you have allowed us to lead. […]

Did you know that practicing gratitude can actually improve your brain function and overall physical and emotional well-being? Well, it’s true.  Brain scans and research conducted by renown psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Amen showed a significant improvement in brain function following […]

I find that most people look for jobs pretty much the same way. They search want-ads and the online job sites such as Careerbuilder, Monster, and Craigslist and send out loads of resumes and pray for a response. While this […]

Here’s a prayer to help our readers who are unemployed and searching for work. You can also offer prayers of support to these readers on our Financial Prayer Circle. “My husband has been laid off since the second week of […]

Accepting Abundance Today, I accept God’s gift of abundance. Today everything that I AM and have, that is Good, is increased. I identify everything I do with success. I think affirmatively. And with all my prayers, I accept abundance. Whatever […]

Many people are burdened by debt today and are not sure what to do to move beyond their present financial circumstances. If you’ve decided to it’s time to take control of your finances and reclaim your life, you don’t have […]

With over 15% of the population unemployed, the folks in Wilmington, Ohio have been hit hard and many of them rely heavily on a local soup kitchen called “Your Father’s Kitchen” for their evening meal. Then, hard times hit the […]

Money problems, mounting bills or job loss can be very stressful on any relationship. When we are stressed, we are not always our best selves and it can be easy for couples to fall into the trap of anger and […]