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I am a firm believer that the “art of living rich” is more a state of mind and way
of being, than it is a state of economy. As a Money Coach and former financial advisor
for over 20 years, I have observed and worked with people in all states of
economic reality, from extremely wealthy to poor and homeless. Yet, in all these years I have known only a handful
of people whom I considered to truly understand and embrace the “art
of living rich.”

To live a truly “rich” life requires more than mere money
can ever buy. In fact, I do not believe one can buy their way into a
“rich” life, although I have witnessed many struggle in their attempts to
do so.

The effect of this struggle usually results in
some obvious discomfort not unlike that of a person trying to fit into suit that is clearly the wrong size. The most essential quality required to living a “rich” life is to simply and comfortably inhabit who you are.

After all, neither the clothes you wear,
the car you drive nor the vastness of your wealth, can buy you a suit that feels quite like one’s own skin. A rich life is created on the inside. It is not a quality you can buy any more than it is something that once you own…can ever be taken from you.

Because it is who you are.

Sometimes I think we can become so consumed with becoming someone, or having something more…that we forget what already is.

I believe part of our journey is learning to not just to accept, but to love, what is…rather than to mourn what is not.

That is my wish for you.

Peace & Blessings!

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