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I’ve been getting some emails lately from readers in need of financial help and often it’s for financial or investment advice, which I do not provide. So, it occurred to me that maybe I should explain what Money Coaching is and isn’t to help you understand how Money Coaching differs from financial advice.

So, what is Money Coaching?

Money Coaching is a step-by-step process that helps you to discover how you are  “hardwired” around money in ways
that you may not be fully conscious or aware of. Most of us have patterns and beliefs that create stress, anxiety and fear and that are contradictory to creating the personal and financial life we desire. Unfortunately, if we don’t know what these patterns are, how can we possibly change them?

Money Coaching helps you to:

  • Discover your “Money Types” and understand the impact they have on your
    life, your  relationships and your finances. (There are eight different
    money types. You can test yourself on my website at
  • Learn to understand how your “money types” were formed in your family of origin and what you can do to change them.
  • Remove unconscious obstacles or blocks that may be limiting your financial potential.
  • Learn to communicate and work more effectively with your spouse and family members around money issues.
  • Learn new tools and strategies to change how you think, feel and act with regard to money and personal finances.
  • Develop new awareness, self-understanding and peace of mind through creating a balanced life – personally and financially.
  • Money Coaching sessions can be conducted effectively in person or by phone.

Money Coaching is not:

  • Money Coaching is not therapy.
  • Money Coaching does not provide specific financial or investment advice. This requires a licensed financial advisor and although I was one for over 20 years, I left the industry years ago and dropped my licenses.
  • Money Coaching is not debt or credit counseling although we do look at these issues behaviorally when working with our clients.

Change of any kind can only take place under certain conditions. In Money Coaching, these conditions are:

1. An understanding and new level of awareness of what your “core” money patterns are.
2. The willingness to change, which literally involves doing something different than what we’ve been doing previously.
3. Implementing new tools and behavior strategies.
4. Accountability and action to create meaningful and lasting change.
Remember, we are not given the proper training and education we needed in order to be financially successful, which often means we have some unlearning to do before we can create and implement the new learning. This is hard to do alone.

That’s where on-going coaching and support are particularly helpful. Money Coaching
can help you to gain the awareness, gently help you navigate the course, and hold you accountable to the changes you desire to create. It’s like having a co-pilot!

I hope you find this information helpful!

Peace & Blessings!

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