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(Today’s blog is dedicated to Terri and Zoey….who are well on their way to becoming powerful Money Magician’s.)

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and the world as we’ve known it gets turned upside down and inside out. Times when we’ve been let down, betrayed, or abandoned as if we didn’t matter. When this happens we are left to either find a way to pick up the pieces and move on bit by bit, or hold onto what happened like a broken trophy of the past that defines and diminishes our life.

Given the options, I am a fierce advocate and ally in helping people to heal and find healthy ways to pick up the pieces, one by one, day by day and reassemble them into a new life that fits not who you were, but who you really are and desire to become. And, doing this is a process that takes time, courage, faith, and commitment. It won’t always be easy but
it is always worth the journey.

Whatever pain or injustice any of us suffers is real and cannot be undone. It happened. What each of us decides to do with what happens to us, can determine the rest of our life. When we choose to hold onto or play reruns of our “story” on a regular basis, we are actually choosing to recreate the pain and re-living the past over and over again. In doing so, without realizing it, we write ourselves into the story as the “Victim” and before we know it, that’s who we’ve become.

Unfortunately, this is a negative self-fulfilling prophecy that can and will rob us of our life’s energy and potential. I do not believe this is not what God had in mind for us when we were given the gift of life.

Instead, I want you to know that wherever you are and regardless of what has happened to you, YOU ARE FREE TO CHOOSE A NEW LIFE TODAY.  Okay, so maybe it won’t actually manifest today or tomorrow, but it can and will to the extent that you choose it and decide to release the past.

The past is over and is no longer even real any more so than what you did yesterday is real except as a memory. This MOMENT is all that is real. TODAY is all that we have. PERIOD. Tomorrow represents hope and a promise but is not a guarantee. So, if there is only this moment and we are not present in it, we are wasting it. When we go backward into the painful events of the past, we are choosing pain over presence. If we project too far into the future and become frightened that we won’t survive, we are choosing fear and a negative reality before it even exists.

The only power, miracle or shift in circumstances we could ever hope to receive exists in this moment. If you are living in the past or frightened by the future, you may very well miss what is available to you now!

You have the right to feel and heal the pain of the past. It is honoring to yourself and to God to do so. Beyond that we must choose the GIFT OF LIFE that is available to us now.

You still have much to give and to receive. If your cup is empty today, go out and find new ways to fill it. Use your gifts. Become resourceful. RE-SOURCE-FUL. Full of the Source. God, who is available as our daily sustenance.

If there is one thing you must never question, it is this: YOU are here for a reason. YOU matter. YOU are a gift and you have gifts to offer the world. Your work is to discover these gifts and to remove the obstacles to giving them. And when you do…give them away. People will want these gifts you have. They will even pay you to receive them.

Take this moment to write out the gifts you know that you have that are inside of you.

Are you using your gifts daily? If not, WHY NOT? If not TODAY, WHEN?

The world is starving for us to heal, recover and discover the beauty and truth of who we are and why we are here. Commit to this one thing and move toward it everyday and as you allow it and make room for it, your new life will unfold.

Here’s a prayer for today:

Dear God,
Help me to heal and recover from my life’s setbacks
and challenges. Help me to release the pain of the past
so that I may be free to experience the gift and power
of this present moment which is everything. Guide me
to the deepest knowing of my path and purpose in this
life and to the discovery of my gifts and the abundance
that is available to me right here and right now. I am open,
willing and available to receiving your Divine expression
and plan for me. I release all obstacles and obstructions
to receiving your perfect love, guidance and Grace in my life.
And so it is.

Peace & Blessings!


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