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Understanding the energy of money is important if we wish to create a more harmonious relationship with it. One of the many things that science has taught us is that everything is energy. I’m energy, you’re energy, we are all ENERGY. We are also MATTER.

ENERGY + MATTER = YOU = EVERYTHING.  Remember E=MC squared? It’s all relative!

Okay…it’s sick but I happen to love quantum physics, although I can’t really say I have a deep understanding of it. But I do understand enough to know that everything is energy and matter and that the two are interchangeable. Relative to money this means we have to be very careful and aware of our thoughts (which are matter) and where we put our attention and intention. Together, these three factors have fire power!  It’s essential that we understand this when we are attempting to change or create anything.

Money flows in direct relationship to our consciousness. When we are fearful and anxious, money can become constricted and not flow easily into our lives. Conversely, when we feel safe, secure and trust that our needs are met…they usually are.

Something that I have noticed in my Money Coaching practice is that often, people do not  pay enough attention to money in their lives. They can ignore or neglect their financial lives, largely out of fear, anxiety or shame around it. The problem with that is this: a lack of attention and intention around money is itself self-sabotaging. It also defies the basic laws of science.

If you want more money, you’ll have to be willing to put your attention and intention on money: learning about it, cultivating it, minding it, creating it, becoming comfortable with it. In doing so, you will build the field of receptivity to having more. With practice, comes improvement and eventually, competence and greater prosperity.

If you want to create more money or shift your financial circumstances, it’s important that you become aware of and become committed to changing what you can control rather than what you cannot.

Where are you focusing your energy and attention?

Are you willing to change the focus of your energy and attention from what you don’t have to what you want to create?

Are you willing to put your energy, attention and intention on creating a more prosperous and fulfilling life?

Everything is energy and has potential that can be expressed to create something more!



Open your eyes and heart to what lies inside of you and what lies before you.

Focus on your thoughts (your creativity and your gifts) with passionate attention and intention a little bit more everyday and you will create MORE OF EVERYTHING!!!

Or you can stay home and mope. (No, please don’t do that! )

Yes, times have been tough, but we cannot stay stay focused on that or we risk creating more of the same. One thing I know for sure is that Issac Newton had it right:  “A body at rest remains at rest, and a body in motion remains in constant motion unless an external force is applied.”

Unless that external force is God, telling you to STOP, your job is to keep on moving because if you stop moving (or trying) you most certainly will never arrive.

Here’s a prayer for today:

Dear God,
Help me to have faith and trust
that all my needs are met
so that I may stay firmly focused
on life-affirming thoughts and creative,
purposeful action. Guide my
thoughts, actions, attention and intention
to co-create a life of meaning, fulfillment
and abundance. Help me to release all fears,
doubt and worry and hold my attention gratefully 
on the gift of this present moment and the unlimited
possibility of all that is yet to be.
Peace and Blessings!

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