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Please join us in praying for all those in need right now. Join Beliefnet’s Financial Prayer Circle, dedicated to holding the space and praying for those in need of prayers and support. Here are some of the requests we received this week:

A brother without a job and a sickly daughter – My brother have been
desperately seeking for job. He has an epileptic little daughter who’s
weak. (read more …) 

I am asking for prayer for a financial blessing. My car is on the verge of being repossessed. I am unemployed at this present time. (read more….)

This is not only for my family who is suffering long-term unemployment,
but all the others in the country right now, afraid for their families.
– Our finances and unemployment are running out, my husband is feeling
very depressed, and I am becoming scared. (read more…)

Here’s a special prayer for all those in need:

Dear God,
We pray and ask for your love, guidance and protection
over all who suffer personally, emotionally and financially at this
time. Please guide us through the darkness of this recession and
return us to our natural state of abundance and prosperity. Help us to understand and forgive the past, heal the shadow of separation and limitation, and recover us to the state grace which is your intention for us always. Please ease the hearts and minds of all who suffer with your unending love, light and compassion.
And so it is.

Peace & Blessings!

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