Your Daily Spiritual Stimulus

Everyday, whether we realize it
or not, our thoughts and actions are actively creating the world around
us. Having an awareness of this is increasingly important if we wish to create greater abundance and prosperity in our lives and the greater economy.

It is true that many people are truly struggling and facing
difficult situations. But at a time when we are faced with great
uncertainty and economic crisis, we need
to become more proactive and resilient in our efforts to stay positive,
grounded and connected to what is good and real, rather than focused on

If we continue to stay
focused on the bad news, negative media and all that appears to be wrong, it not only increases our
vulnerability, but strengthens the real possibility that
things will continue to get worse. Where we put our
thoughts, intentions and actions, individually and collectively, can
and will affect the outcome of all of our lives.

We sometimes underestimate how powerful we are at impacting the world around us. Just as the universe
is constantly changing outside of us, we are each, within our own minds
and hearts affecting the world around us.
Which is why it is so important that we work together to deflect negative
forces out there!

Fear simply breeds more fear and does not
produce anything positive or life-affirming. Fear is the enemy but one
that we can defeat through our commitment to daily right action.

are living in perhaps one of the most interesting and powerful times
ever in the history of the world. Yes, I know it feels uncomfortable,
but we have great power and potential within us and we can and must be
resourceful and resilient. 

For the next thirty days I invite
you to participate in this 30-Day Fast from Fear Program. It will help
you to stay positive, grounded and connected to God.

Follow these steps everyday for thirty days – it’ll take less than ten minutes day!

Daily affirmation:
Repeat this daily affirmation before you leave your home each day: “I
surrender fear and choose to guided by faith in all my actions and
choices today.”

Reality Check: Whenever
feelings of fear or negativity arise, ask yourself if there is any real
or present danger to your well-being. If not, then know that any fear
you may be feeling is simply a projection (like a movie), because no
real danger exists. Remind yourself that F.E.A.R. means False  Evidence
Appearing Real (as written by Unity Founder, Charles Fillmore.)  Write
this down on a post-it: “F.E.A.R. means False Evidence Appearing Real.”
Place it on your computer at work or somewhere highly visible at home
as a constant reminder.

Daily Prayer: Thank
you for this day and for the rich opportunities this day will bring
forward. I pray for your love and light to guide me in all my 
endeavors,  that I am safe, that I am protected, that I am free to
express my gifts, that I may have work that fulfills me and nourishes
my life, personally and financially. I am eternally grateful for all
that is and have complete faith and trust that all my needs are met.
And so it is. Amen

Peace and Blessings!

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