When money is seen as a solution
for every problem, money itself becomes the problem. 

~ Richard Needham

As a Money Coach, people generally come to see me because they think they have issues with money, which on the surface anyway, may be the case. But more often than not, a person’s money issues are merely the symptom of another problem. For example, I have a client who is very talented and makes a good living in his business, but who worries incessantly about money.

He thinks he has money issues, but the truth is he has enough money and makes a good living. His real problem is 1) he hates what he does for a living and feels trapped and afraid of making a career change and 2) he lacks the confidence and faith that he can in fact, choose to do something else and 3) he doesn’t actually believe he deserves to have what he wants, which is the heart of his real problem.

Unfortunately, we often mistakenly believe that more money is the cure to fixing or changing whatever isn’t working in our life.  And, our tendency to focus on money as the problem and/or solution is really a only a clever distraction from looking at the real problem. In fact, beyond having our basic needs of food, shelter and safety met, money is seldom the answer to our life’s problems and circumstances. Not that having more money wouldn’t be nice, but if we haven’t solved the underlying issues, more money often only makes matters worse. We don’t need to look very far to see evidence of perfectly wealthy people who have some very big issues.

In challenging financial times, like this recession, when money seems more scarce than ever, I think it’s important not to focus on the lack of money flowing into our lives, but rather on what inside of us needs tending to or healing. As we are willing to step up to that plate, and begin to address what’s really wrong, both in our economy and in our own personal finances, perhaps then, we can begin to solve the real problems.

Here’s a prayer for today:

Dear God,
May my life be filled with the calm knowing
that I am powerful, worthy and capable with
your love, guidance and support to move beyond
all seeming obstacles or restrictions to fully
receive all that you have already given and desire
me to have. May I be blessed with self-awareness,
compassion and understanding of my true needs.
I pray to receive your grace fully and without delay.
And so it is.
~ Deborah Price

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