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In times like this recession, it can be difficult to see and hear the
good that is happening all around us. One great new movement that’s
taking place and worthy of paying attention to is called the “People’s
Stimulus Package.” 

Inspired by Danny Cottrell, the owner of a
Brewton, Alabama pharmacy, the “People’s Stimulus Package” is one man’s
attempt to make a difference in these financially challenging times.
Wanting to do something to support his community that has been hit hard
by the recession, Danny divided $16,000 amongst his 24 employees ($700
for each full-time employee and $300 for each part-time employee) in
two dollar bills and gave them a mission: Give 15% to a charity or
someone that needs it more than you do and spend the rest by shopping locally to support your community.

simple “pay it forward” act of generosity not only powerfully impacted
the lives of his employees and their community, but also inspired many
others to follow his lead. As of my last look at the “People’s
Stimulus” website,
which tracks the story and participants nationwide, nearly $100,000 has
been contributed by over 40 different businesses to help their
employees and stimulate their local economies.

I love
that this is happening. It demonstrates what is possible to create when
we are willing to be expansive rather than contracted and shows us how
generosity breeds more generosity and that we can make a difference…$2 at a time.

invite you, our readers, to go to your own bank and cash a check for
any amount you feel  you can afford and request $2 bills. Since these
bills are not heavily circulated, they are easy to identify with this
movement. I believe that we each have the capacity to become “recession
angels” in our own right, whether you have one $2 bill, two hundred or
two thousand $2 bills to contribute to supporting someone in need, a
struggling business, or a cause in your local community.

message of this movement is far greater than the money and good-will it
is spreading. It’s showing us another option. So I encourage you to
heed the message:

Be grateful.
Practice generosity.
Strive to stay positive.
Focus on the good that exists when we remain open to seeing.
Reach….beyond the fear, where hope and all things remain possible.    

don’t know about you, but I’ll never see a $2 bill again without
wondering who the “recession angel” was that released that gift to the

Peace and Blessings! 

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