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Everyone feels vulnerable when it comes to
money. It’s a core survival issue that can easily become triggered causing us to feel fearful, anxious, sad or angry. It’s also an area of our lives that at times can feel out-of-control, or deeply impacted by the actions of others.

That we are so easily triggered around money is not so surprising when we
consider that most people have not been given the proper training or education
about money or personal financial matters. How can we feel safe, secure and confident when we lack the tools we need to make good financial choices and to be financially empowered?

The list of “money disorders” seems to be growing by the day. Among the list are compulsive spending, financial infidelity, debt addiction, hoarding, overspending, underspending, money phobia, compulsive gambling, financial enabling, chronic under-earning, workaholism and affluenza. In addition, money issues are among the leading causes of divorce and suicide.

What can we do about this? Perhaps it’s time for a little money therapy. If we have a plumbing problem, we don’t hesitate to call a plumber. If we have a health problem, we go see the doctor. If we have money issues, we deserve the help and advice of a professional, too.

Money affects every aspect of our lives,
and yet we know very little about our personal relationship to it. Isn’t it time we began to heal our relationship with money?

we become more aware of our own money patterns and behaviors, we can
begin to make new, healthier choices. This would be a great first step
toward creating a new financial legacy for ourselves and our children. A legacy built on self-awareness, knowledge and power instead of stress, fear, mistrust or dependence.
But first
we must each begin to understand and heal our own relationship with money.

What is money and what does it really
mean to you? From my personal point of view, money is a powerful energy
force and medium of exchange. It is a tool and resource that I receive
as a direct result of the actions and contributions that I put forth in
the world. It flows in and out of my life in direct relationship to my
efforts and intentions. Whenever I feel fearful or anxious about money, I spend time in prayer and meditate on what inside me needs attending to and address those needs proactively.

What does money mean to you? How does it influence, positively or negatively, your quality of life? I’d love to hear your comments.

Here’s a prayer for today.

Receive, O Lord, all my liberty.
Take my memory, my understanding, and my entire will.
Whatsoever I have or hold, You have given me;
I give it all back to You and surrender it
wholly to be governed by your will.
Give me only your love and your grace,
with these I will be rich enough,
and ask for nothing more.
 ~St. Ignatius Loyola – 16th Century

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