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Every Wednesday I will be posting a special Financial Blessing. If you have one you’d like to share, please send it to me as I will occasionally post prayers and blessings received from our readers. This one was written by my friend, Lorraine Edey.

Living, Loving Presence: I set here in quiet desperation. I have such
a need for work, money and peace. Yet my heart turns to what you have
provided for me day in and day out. And so, dear God I want to pray a
prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving. For I know in my heart that the
more I am filled with gratitude, the more good I will manifest into my life.

Thank you, God for this day. Thank you for the opportunity to serve
you.  Thank you for what is in my life right now although at times I
cannot see the good. Thank you for each meal that I eat and bless those
that have brought food to my table. Thank you, God for my health and
the health of my family.  Thank you for all the people that are in my
life. Thank you, God for  opportunities that I may not see and that are now
clear to me. Thank you for your direction and guidance during these
challenging times. Thank you, God for my safety and the safety of my loved
ones and for our county. Thank you for that which I’ve had, have and
will have. For I know that each time I bless something it multiplies.

I trust and have faith that as I bless all things, blessings will return
to me one hundred fold.

God, as I give thanks I can feel the energy in my body shift, I can feel
you and I know that all is well. I am at peace. I expect only good
from this day forward.
And so it is.


~ Lorraine Edey

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