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Given all the financial challenges that people are experiencing today, every Monday beginning this week I will be dedicating my blog to responding to our readers
who have written in and requested help. If you would like to receive
some Money Coaching on an issue in your life,  please post your request on my blog and
every Monday I will select a blog to respond to specifically.

This is my response to Marie who wrote requested help from our Financial Prayer Circle:

“Hi my name is Marie. I am a single mom & I lost my job. I just need
you all to pray that the income I lost be restored back to us & we
don’t lose our home. I am scared, lost & weary.”

Dear Marie,

I really hear that you are burdened by fear and worried about the
future of your home and children. I am sorry for the loss of your job,
but know that you have the God’s strength and wisdom to lean on and
guide you during this difficult time. Do not spend time grieving the
loss of your job. What happened no longer matters. Release it and move
forward with hope and conviction that as just as God closed this door,
He will surely open another. Now your work and prayers must be focused on
the future. Every day upon waking ask for God’s love, guidance and
support in helping you to find the perfect job that makes the best
possible use of your gifts. Prayer for a job that will provide all the
financial resources you need to support your life and family. Then,
simply show up every single day with the best you have to give and God
will create an opening for you to give it. Do not waste time or energy
on fear. Spend your life’s energy and resources on faith. Fear and worry take from us, while faith and trust renew and sustain us.

This prayer is for you, Marie.

Dear God,
I pray for you to relieve my heart that is heavy with fear, doubt and worry.
This burden is too heavy for me to bear so I surrender it to you.
In it’s place I pray to have my faith in you renewed and made so powerful
That fear cannot penetrate it.
Faith so strong that I no longer doubt
That whatever problem I have today will be long gone tomorrow.
Help me to know that you know me, believe in me and will guide me
Through whatever challenges I face today and
All the days of my life.
For there is only one Truth and one Reality and that is You, God.
And You and Your Love are more powerful than the sum of all fears and doubts.
So I choose You and Your Love.
My heart rests in this knowing and in your loving arms I surrender
And trust that my good is already unfolding perfectly.
And so it is.

~ Deborah Price

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