Your Daily Spiritual Stimulus

Using personal relationships as a model, think about what kind of money
relationship you are seeking. If you were to place a personals ad in
the newspaper seeking a partner, you would want to have a pretty clear
idea of what you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’re unlikely to manifest
a person with the qualities you desire.

The better you understand what
you want, the more likely you are to manifest whatever relationship you
desire, whether it be with a person, a job, or money. So be clear about
the kind of relationship you desire to have with money. Write a personal ad that addresses your intention. Here’s an example:

 “Spiritual being seeking a relationship with money that is trustworthy, fulfilling, co-creative, prosperous, and
knows no limits. I am ready to receive this relationship into my life
and to embrace this prosperity with care and attention so that together
we may realize our greatest good.”

When you have written your ad, tape it to your bathroom mirror. Read
this written intention aloud every morning as you prepare for your day.
As you finish reading it, repeat the following words: “I am willing to
receive this perfect relationship into my life and consider it done,
and so it will be.”

From Money Magic © Deborah Price. Used by permission of New World Library.

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