Your Daily Spiritual Stimulus

I’d like to share this beautiful affirmative prayer by the late Dr. Raymond Charles Barker. 

Money is God’s Money

The Divine
Spirit prospers me in every possible way.

I praise the wealth of God.

I now
claim it for my own.

My money is God’s money.

I believe in
the goodness of God’s wonderful money.

I am not self-stingy.

I like money and
appreciate all I can do with it for myself and those I love.

I never condemn
money in any way.

I know its spiritual origins.

I rejoice in all the good things
I can do with it.

It circulates in all my affairs.

It pays all my debts and
gives me freedom of action.

I have a healthy respect for God’s money, and I use
it with wisdom.

I always use the power of money

I am open
and receptive to unexpected money coming to me in unusual and wonderful ways.

now erase from my subconscious mind every concept of limitation or lack.

I never
criticize the way other people spend their money.

I mind my own business.

financial consciousness is healthy and expanding.

And so it is.


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