As job losses mount and
more people join the ranks of the unemployed, I thought perhaps this
would be a good time to focus on helping people stay positive and
focused while job hunting.

Many of our readers have been unemployed for
months, while others have only recently been laid-off. So, this week’s blog will be dedicated
to helping to lift your spirits and encouraging you to stay motivated and
proactive in your search for work, which is essential to finding that next job.

Scott C. wrote this to us last week:
have been out of work since December 2008. Please pray that I find a
full time job again. Unemployment has been very difficult financially
and has placed a strain on my marriage.”

You can offer Scott
your prayers and support on our financial prayer circle on Beliefnet.

To Scott and all of our readers out there who are struggling, have faith and follow these
Six Tips to Staying Positive Following a Job Loss:

Pray upon rising for God’s aid, guidance and support to help you find
work that personally and financially nourishes you and your family.

Do this 5 minute visualization: With your eyes closed, picture yourself
in an interview for a job that you know you would like. Then picture
yourself shaking the interviewer’s hand as he or she offers you a
position. Then picture yourself working in an environment you know you
would enjoy. Hold this image for a few minutes, while taking deep,
relaxing breaths. Now go about your day and whenever you feel fearful
about not finding a job, repeat this visualization and hold it as
your template and intention for receiving a new job.

3. Make at
least 5 phone calls daily to people you know who have jobs and find out
if their company has any positions open that might be suitable for you.

Get outside and walk around your neighborhood. Talk to people, go into
stores and businesses and see if they are hiring. You never know where
opportunities might show up! 

5. Avoid negative conversation or news. Stay focused on what’s good in your life.

6. Practice gratitude daily.

Stay tuned for more support with your job search tomorrow!

Here’s a blessing for today from Psalm I:

Blessed are the man and the woman
who have grown beyond their greed
and have put an end to their hatred
and no longer nourish illusions.
But they delight in the way things are
and keep their hearts open , day and night.
They are like trees planted near flowing rivers,
which bear fruit when they are ready.
Their leaves will not fall or wither.
Everything they do will succeed.

Peace and Blessings!

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