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I find that most people look for jobs pretty much the same way. They
search want-ads and the online job sites such as Careerbuilder, Monster, and
Craigslist and send out loads of resumes and pray for a response. While this isn’t a bad strategy, it’s also what
everyone else is doing and therefore, harder to be noticed.

competition for jobs posted on these sites can be quite high simply
because they receive large numbers of inquiries and resumes. So, if
this is part of your job hunting strategy, keep doing it and consider expanding your horizons.

Since we’re in a recession and the unemployment pool is so high, this
is a time to exercise some creativity in your job search. Here are some
ideas that I recommend that might make a difference.

1.    Most newspapers have a “fictitious business name” section listed
in their classified section. These listing represent new businesses
that have recently opened or are about to open. New businesses often
need to hire new employees. Review these daily to you if there are new
businesses opening that might be a good fit. Send them a note and a
resume and follow it up with a phone call a few days later. Even if
they’re not ready to hire, you’ll be first on their mind when they are

2.    Use online social and business networking sites to connect with your personal and business network. Some great sites to
create accounts on are MySpace, Facebook, Plaxo, Twitter, Linked-in,
Talkbiznow and Bebo. Create user accounts on these sites and let
people know in each community what types of jobs you’re interested in finding. In
no time at all, you can have lots of people keeping a look out for job
opportunities that might be a fit. You never know who can connect you to
someone that has the perfect job for you.

3.    If there’s a business that you absolutely love in your
community, call them up and ask if they’re hiring. If they are not
hiring, ask them if they ever hire temps. If they say yes, tell them
that you would love to work for them as a temp and offer to send them
your resume. If they don’t hire temps, tell then that you love their
company so much that you would even volunteer to work for them for a
couple of days — for free — so they could test you out on a trial
basis. What do you have to lose? You have the time and they might be
intrigued enough to take you up on your offer.

4.    In light of the recession, many churches are offering help for the unemployed. Talk to your
church about this possibility, or check out the church directory in
your community newspaper. Read this great article on Beliefnet –  “Church Programs Aid
the Newly Unemployed” by Yonat Shimron.

5.    When contacting a potential employer, be proactive and assertive
but never pushy or aggressive. Remember, people will find it hard to
resist you when you are friendly, flexible, creative and willing to go
the extra mile.

6.    Don’t forget to keep your daily prayer and meditation practice
going! It’ll help reduce your stress and keep you grounded. Good luck and
stay positive!  

       Peace & Blessings!

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