Your Daily Spiritual Stimulus

Everyone knows the traditional, and generally, negative meaning of
the word recession. It’s a word that can make us feel fearful, anxious,
and constricted. Rather than obsessing about this recession as a time
of “doom and gloom,” maybe we need a new spin on things. The root word
of recession is “recess”, which we all know from childhood means to
take a little break or “time out” to spread our wings and play a
little. Everything happens for reason and perhaps we needed a “recess”
to allow us to slow down and reassess our lives – time to reflect, to
consume less, to feel more, to breathe more deeply and to connect with
one another and the world around us.

I believe this recession represents a wonderful opportunity for
spiritual renewal. Because let’s face it….we’ve been on the verge of
burning ourselves out for quite some time. We’ve been so busy
over-doing in order to have bigger, better, more…that unknowingly we
began to compromise our lives for our lifestyles.

In reflecting on this I’ve come up with a list of what I think are some
very beneficial things that you can do that can help make this time more
meaningful and possibly, a blessing in disguise. And what’s more,
these are all things that you can do that are either very affordable or free!

1.    Spend time at home with friends and family just hanging out, watching old movies or  playing board games.

2.    Spend more time outside in nature, taking long walks, hiking, and exploring.

3.    Put some good music on and dance. Did you know that it’s impossible to feel bad while dancing?

4.    Write letters and catch up with friends and family – everyone loves to receive an actual letter!

5.    Volunteer your time.

6.    Visit your local museums.

7.    Have potluck gatherings – choose a theme and have everyone bring a dish.

8.     Visit to find fun things to do that are free or
inexpensive in your area.

9.    Read a great book or join a book club.

10.    Get organized!

11.    Do a manifestation collage using personal photos and pictures
from old magazines that depict the life you desire to create.

12.    Begin a meditation practice.

13.    Yoga has changed my life and I highly recommend a daily yoga
practice of 30 minutes a day. You can even do it at home…I do! There
are many different types of yoga, find out your yoga style on Beliefnet.

14.    Strengthen your daily prayer and spiritual practice.

This I know for certain, if you consciously do things that nourish
your body, mind, heart, and spirit, you’re life will be
richer…regardless of your financial circumstances.   
Peace and Blessings!

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