Your Charmed Life

A hour of helpful, practical fitness info from Dustin Maher, "trainer to the moms," when he was guest expert on Victoria Moran's "Come Into Your Own in 2009" teleclass. Listen to the call at no charge before Oct. 19, 2009, by calling 605-475-4849 and keying in the PIN 120653#.

A blogger's 9/11 recollections, and thoughts on the death of her stepson on September 12, 2007.

Big government is a big topic today. Blogger Victoria Moran ventures an opinion, and quotes from a letter that appeared last month in Investors Business Daily by a Russian expatriate who finds that, when it comes to government, small is beautiful.

The ancient yogis had precise dietary recommendations for creating a body that's healthy, beautiful, and ripe for spiritual practice. In this excerpt from her Oprah-featured book "Lit from Within," Victoria Moran shares yoga's nutritional wisdom.

Living in the moment is a way to a better life and possibly a longer one. An excerpt from Younger by the Day, by Victoria Moran.

Coach Elizabeth Grant and author Cindy Ashton offer a fun, insightful quiz on how you're relating to money. Victoria Moran took the quiz and is a believer.

We've learned some of the secrets Michelle Obama's trainer uses to get her those glorious arms. Here author/coach Victoria Moran shares the arm workout she learned from a Tibetan-Italian trainer she believes to be irreplaceable.

A link to the most popular radio show of its kind on the web, the Steve Maraboli Show. The guest is Victoria Moran, with her book Living a Charmed Life.

The back-to-school 'new year,' a life coaching special, cute dog pix, & dealing with online name-calling.

The 5 fitness books that keep life coach, speaker, and Fit from Within author Victoria Moran in shape.

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