running woman.jpgWithout exercise, you can’t keep up with a charmed life. It’s not optional. Like the NIke people say, just do it: 45 minutes cardio 4x/week; weights upper and lower body 2x/week; stretching after every cardio and weights session, with a little more stretching night and morning just to keep things working properly. Do it a day at a time. Take off one day a week. Make it the same day so you don’t find yourself taking off lots of days. And if you miss one, don’t miss the next one. If you miss two, don’t miss three. This is serious. Do it.

Yesterday I got to go to the East Village twice. Oh my gosh, I love it down there! It is totally funky. All the raw food restaurants and things I like most are there. In the morning, I had breakfast with a colleague at Quintessence. It was probably the best breakfast of my life ever: banana bread (from a dehydrator, so it’s technically raw) with banana and cashew “cream cheese,” and a ginger latte. When she said it was ginger juice and steamed cashew milk (not raw, obviously, but it’s October…), it didn’t sound very good. The server said, “Trust me.” I did. It was heaven in a cup.
Here’s a dream: that I could one day have an office in the East Village so I’d a have a bona fide reason for going every day. ‘Just putting it out into the universe.
Tomorrow: letting your Higher Power in on your charmed-life plan….
Victoria Moran is the author of ten books and she is a holistic life and health coach with clients in New York City and by phone around the world. Information on her coaching is found at
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