Thanks to everybody who commented on day 1. What will really make this exciting is if you let your friends know about it. Just because we’ve already started doesn’t mean anything: people can start at any time and have their own 30 days. Just send them the link so they can get started, too.

Today’s assignment is to decide what you want to accomplish in this 30-day period. It’s good to have a combination of things, i.e., one or two habits to change (add a good one, put a bad one to rest), several delightful experiences to enjoy, something to learn, some project to tackle perhaps. Then, every day when you do something toward this end, you can make note of it in your journal. Here’s part of my list by way of example. Some of it just looks like a to-do list, but every entry has something underlying it, i.e.,, to create a healthier, more welcoming home, to enrich my life as I get started on my next book, or get around to something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but haven’t.


(1) Get scads of houseplants
(2) Hire a handyperson and get the fluorescents out of our kitchen and bathrooms
(3) Work on punctuality
(4) Lots of yoga
(5) Do tourist things
(6) See friends
(7) Do a cleanse
(8) Sign up for courses at the Mac store
(9) Get reflexology 
(10) Find a nail salon that used nontoxic polish
(11) Explore the raw-food resources of NYC
(12) Read every spare minute
The list should be flexible and inviting, not onerous at all. 
My day was subdued, as Sundays tend to be. In the afternoon I went to the Museum of the City of New York (#5 — a tourist thing) and this evening I had dinner with a young friend (#6 — see friends), Sarah Williams, and her boyfriend, Sky (who is a total keeper: he gave her his jacket tonight since she didn’t have one), for dinner at Caravan of Dreams. And tonight after some Bobby time (Boddy’s my cat), I’ll be in bed and get ready for charming tomorrow. 
Thanks for telling people about this blog. We may as well get everybody charmed.
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