Thanks for bearing with me through the loss of my dog. You know what I did Sunday afternoon to feel a little better? I went out. I just walked out into the world where life was going on and felt a major uplift. The Italian ice vendors were out, and the people who’d gone to church were all dressed up. Being in that kind of liveliness reminded me that life does go on. 

There’s a chapter in one of my books, Fit from Within, called “Get Up, Get Dressed, Get Going.” It says that when someone is “feeling fat” or just wants to stay in and feel bad, the best medicine is get out and into life. Filmmaker Michael Moore who got a lot of the book once wrote that that was his favorite of the book’s 101 little chapters. It was a piece of advice that worked for me yesterday. It didn’t take the loss away and grief is a necessary process, but it gave me a respite. I recommend it.
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